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Model Y Roof Sunshade Gen 2

Model Y Roof Sunshade Gen 2

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Product Features

1. East clip-on installation: The design ensures no harm to the original car interior. Both installation and removal are easy and convenient.
2. Scroll-type opening and closing design allows easy access for both front and back seat passengers. 

Product Highlights

1. Made of eco-friendly materials, it's waterproof and Heat-resistant. Compared to the first-generation manual sunshade, this second-generation product matches the original car's roof color, blending seamlessly without affecting the car's minimalist design.

2. Features a lightweight yet sturdy aluminum alloy frame, preventing sagging and ensuring stability without noise while driving.

Suitable for: Model Y, 2021-2023 models
Installation Time: 1 hour
Warranty Period: 2 years
Upgrade Principle: Installation does not require dismantling of original factory parts; clip-on installation ensures worry-free quality guarantee.

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